SFLPhone-KDE 1.4.0 released!

Savoir-faire Linux is proud to announce the immediate availability of SFLPhone 1.4.0. This release finally enables video by default. We have refactored the video implementation to be much more robust against a variety of conditions and made the configuration more flexible. It is also now possible to stream a variety of file types and even share your screen. Other interesting features include support for the JACK audio system used by audio industry professionals and hobbyists. Thanks to improvements in audio buffering, latency and resampling, audio quality is noticeably better. The KDE client now has much better Akonadi support. It can now act as a KAddressBook replacement for most phone related scenarios. There will probably be one final KDE4 release before officially making the switch to KF5. The SFLPhone-KDE logic backend, libqtsflphone, has been compatible with Qt5 for over a year, some of the UI dialogs have yet to be ported. As for SFLPhone in general, we plan to merge work that has been done in parallel for a while now to make the daemon more modular, easier to build, more secure and more portable to other operating systems.

Please update or comment on this ticket to add user noticeable changes and new features

Common features

  • Jack support
  • Video support by default
  • Ability to share screen
  • Ability to stream videos, images and text files
  • Support GnuTLS as an alternative to OpenSSL
  • Persistent camera configuration (per device)
  • Switch video sources during a call
  • Enable or disable video per account
  • Packet loss concealment
  • RTCP support
  • Builds with clang


  • Pluggable history storage
  • Improved pluggable storage backends
  • Datasource extensions support

KDE client

  • Now a fully featured contact manager
    • Add, edit and manage contact sources
    • Delete contacts from the interface
    • Attach contact sources to auto completion or presence tracker
  • Basic video effects like rotate or enforce aspect ratio
  • Video full screen mode

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KDE client:   203 files changed, 10979 insertions, 3933 deletions, 102 commits, 36 issues closed, 19 bugs closed
Daemon: 256 files changed, 14448 insertions, 9781 deletions, 628 commits, 543 issues closed, 214 bugs closed


Get SFLPhone-KDE

Kubuntu packages are available at: https://launchpad.net/~savoirfairelinux/+archive/ubuntu/ppa

The source get be obtained from  git://anongit.kde.org/sflphone-kde or from http://sflphone.org .