SFLPhone-KDE 1.3.0 released!

Hello planet!

After almost a year of work, a new version of SFLPhone-KDE and SFLphone daemon are available. This version is a major rewrite intended to support Qt5 and QML technologies. This release also introduce some new features and improved usability and KDE integration. It doesn’t use KF5 yet, SFLPhone-KDE 1.3.0 is still a KDE4 application.



  • SIP Presence subscription and publishing support
  • Video multiparty conferencing [EXPERIMENTAL]
  • Multichannel ringtone support
  • Additional Flac and OGG ringtone support
  • Improved NAT support
  • Improved audio quality, noise suppression and automatic gain control
  • Bug fixes
  • New volume controls for PulseAudio
  • New mute DTMF option


  • API version 2.0
  • Qt5 support
  • Full Model/View support (19 new models)
  • New phone number statistics API
  • Full QML / QtScript compatibility
  • Improved performance
    • Now supports up to 15000 contacts and 10000 history entries
  • Faster load time
  • Now provides a complete DBus API abstraction
  • Bug fixes

KDE client

  •  Smart autocompletion [EXPERIMENTAL]
    • Call using the right account
    • Fast lookup
    • Call using contact information
    • Gather information from 11 sources to provide accurate results
  • Improved Akonadi integration
    • Support live contact list update
  • Usability improvements
    • Highlight missed calls in history
    • New “flat design” Contact/History/Bookmark widgets
    • More reliable canvas notifications
    • Improved account settings dialog
    • DTMF feedback
    • Network issue detection
  • Presence integration in contact, bookmarks and history views
  • Status publishing support in the statusbar
  • Dial tone support
  • Translation updates
  • Bug fixes

network account

autocompletion presence



Issues closed: 996
Bug fixed: 311
KDE related issues fixed: 148
KDE related bug fixed: 49
Daemon diff size: 19523 lines
Gnome client diff size: 3792 lines
KDE client diff size: 47582 lines
Total diff size: 70897 lines
Total commits: 1584
Total KDE related commits: 331


The next release should improve security configuration, further KF5 support. Windows / OSX support are also a possibility. Hopefully we will release on a more regular basis. Thanks to all beta testers for their feedback. Special thanks to Ákos, Martin, Tristan, Alex, Laurent, Emmanuel, Andrew and all translators. Without your contributions, this project would be a lot less stable. Please test, there is a lot of new code / features, feedback are needed.

SFLphone is available at http://sflphone.org/download/stable-release or at http://download.kde.org/stable/sflphone/ . Do not forget to first install the sflphone daemon before SFLPhone-KDE (it is a runtime dependency). Packages for (K)Ubuntu are available at https://launchpad.net/~savoirfairelinux/+archive/ppa and will get into your favorite distribution soon.  Enjoy!


4 thoughts on “SFLPhone-KDE 1.3.0 released!

  1. Yes, but the current version is using QWidgets, the QML version is both incomplete and badly fragmented (Jolla/Ubuntu Phone/KDE Active have all different widgets APIs)

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