SFLPhone-KDE 1.2.3 released!

Hello planet!

SFLPhone-KDE 1.2.3 have been released today as a bug fix release 6 months after 1.2.2. This version is (hopefully) the last in the 1.2.* serie. The next generation (1.3) is under heavy development since the last release. According to git diff –stat, 1.3 branch have a massive 16000 lines of changes. It is also 10x faster, less memory hungry and usable (more on that in an upcoming blog post(s)). As for 1.2.3, the new features include macro support, new command line options and being able to be invoked from KaddressBook. Important bug fixes include compilation fix on Fedora 19 beta, prevent race condition when launching SFLPhone-KDE in autostart. On the daemon side, many bugs have been fixed there too. Overall, this release should be quite stable.

The Ubuntu packages should be available soon at https://launchpad.net/~savoirfairelinux/+archive/ppa and on KDE servers.




5 thoughts on “SFLPhone-KDE 1.2.3 released!

  1. Well: No version tag named 1.2.3 in the Repo, no files in the DL are at the project HP, no official announcement. Where do you get your Information from? (Not disputing your claim, just wondering).

  2. Well, I am the maintainer of the KDE version. But yea, the maintainer of the daemon didn’t had the time to make the tag Friday, so I guess it will be tomorrow. The KDE client download are on kde-apps.org and http://download.kde.org/stable/sflphone/1.2.3/. It was supposed to be Friday for everyone, and the tagging need to be in sync because the tag is supposed to be used as the submodule reference in the repo. Anyway, long answer to say that it will be Monday, the current commit on SFLPhone master branch is 1.2.3, tagged or not.

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