SFLPhone KDE now have a macro subsystem

In a world where some people still communicate with each other using some sort of sounds, they will be happy to learn that SFLPhone KDE now have an awesome new feature: Macros. Does it free you from your daily conversations where you always end up saying that something being asked today can’t be ready by… yesterday? Not really, but that would be nice. What it does allow you to do is create a set of key sequences that can be called using keyboard shortcuts, toolbars and other accessibility methods. This may solve a few corner cases previously not very well handled. Here is a little summary of a few common use cases:

  • Corporate SIP client where you have to press a key or a code to call the outside world
  • Listening to voicemails without having to enter the password manually
  • Clearing all voicemails
  • Bypass custumer services robot-menus with a pre-programmed sequences (or a ton of “0” to try to talk to a human if they still have some real customer support )
  • Call your most common contacts
  • Enable or disable some phone features accessible only a special key sequence, like do not disturb or record a new missed call voicemail message.

Here are the obligatory screenshots:
Macro subsystem  wizard-welcome2

This earth shaking awesome new feature is now available in the Git master of SFLPhone KDE along with a new bugfixes and features:

  • There is a now a way to configure a SIP proxy
  • The “Display” config options are now saved correctly again

SFLPhone KDE 1.2.2 also have been released shortly after 1.2.1 to fix a serious bug with IAX calls and include translations. I would like to take this opportunity to thanks all translators for their work.


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